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Don't wait to become a victim. Once you have been targeted by a criminal, only you can defend yourself. The police can only take reports and try to apprehend the bad guy after the crime has already been committed. How can you prevent becoming a victim?

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Learn Firearm Safety and Responsibility

Professional Training can keep you from being another statistic...

Instructors at Shoot Safe Training Academy can provide training certified by the Illinois State Police and help you apply for your Concealed Carry License. But your training should't stop there. Regular practice at our state of the art range facility will keep your skills current. We can also help you obtain permits from many other States.

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Learn the Basics of Self Defense  with an AR-15.

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Have you or someone you know been the victim of a Crime? Then you need Concealed Carry Training at our training center in Lansing, Ill

Customer Testimonials:

"Instructor was excellent and knowledgeable" -Joann S.

"Love the instructors" - Jack M.

"Everything was perfect" - Patricia F

"Instructor is very good, very informative. Great experience and good information" - Ricardo B.

"...for me my experience was wonderful. I need more shooting range practice. Staff is wonderful!"- Shenetta C.

"...instructor was extremely knowledgeable of the Illinois Law and explained everything in great detail. He was also great in answering questions."- Karen C.

Shoot Safe Training Academy, Lansing can provide Concealed Carry Training covering all aspects of firearm safety and responsibility which are the two major tenets of firearm ownership. Learn how to store and maintain and carry your firearm.

Pelcher's Shoot Safe Training Academy, Inc. Lansing, IL. Concealed Carry Class

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Illinois Concealed Carry Training

Shoot Safe Academy can help you determine what your carry method should be. Whether you carry in your purse, or in your pocket, or in a shoulder holster, we will make sure that you can draw smoothly and safely.